Restore My Vision Today Review

Restore my vision today is a program developed by Dr. Sen and Samantha Pearson, the specialists in natural vision correction without any expensive surgeries and medications.

What is Restore My Vision Today?


Restore my vision today is an e-book that helps you to improve your eyesight naturally. Normal problems in the eyes are near sightedness and far sightedness. This e-book helps those people to get their 20/20 vision in a safe and permanent way. It includes the vision therapy and the eye exercises that improve your vision and afterwards you can have the perfect vision without the help of power glasses and contact lenses.

This vision improvement consists of several items and they are

  • Restore my vision today main book – This guide gives you all the details about restoring the vision and discussing about the eye related issues like myopia, lazy eye and hyperopia.
  • The optometrist’s eye chart – This eye chart resembles the chart that you will find in the eye hospitals and this will help you to discover the eye disorder that you or your family members are having.
  • The instructional videos – These videos show you the different techniques that help you to solve your eye problems and improve your vision. It works well for the people who hate reading more.
  • The vision booster packs – These booster packs give you the information about getting clear vision permanently and naturally. These packs work very effectively.

Along with these components, restore my vision today program includes many bonus items that are very helpful for the customers and they are

  • The diet and nutrition bonus guide – This guide offers you the nutritional plans that are helpful in improving your vision and also tells you about a specific food that dramatically improves your vision in a few hours.
  • Printable eye charts and subliminal mp3 – The audio files included here helps you to improve your vision by just hearing to the audio without straining your eyes. More charts are also available that helps for your workout and the eye exercises.
  • The visual habits bonus guide – This guide gives you the information about the habits that you have to improve and about the bad habits that you have to forget. With it, it demolishes your bad habits that affect your vision negatively. It guides you how to neutralize your habits without changing more in your life style.
  • Your vision and medicines guide – This guide tells you about how the prolonged medications affect your vision and worsen your eye health by increasing your eye problems.

It is totally a safe and permanent solution for all your eye problems. It is a God’s gift for those who want to get rid of their power glasses and contact lenses. By following this program carefully, you can have the healthy eyes. This book consists of easy workouts that improve your eye’s health. It is very trustworthy product as it comes from the expert persons.

Pros of Restore My Vision Today program

  • It is very easy to understand as it contains the program that is very simple to follow by keeping the normal people in their mind.
  • It is a cost effective method in restoring your vision back than that of the other solutions like Lasik eye surgery which costs more and also from that of using contact lens and glasses that also cost more. This program costs one fraction of amount than those of the other solutions.
  • It provides you the faster results when you follow this program carefully and effectively. If you really work hard and follow the instructions given in this guide carefully, then you can have the improvement within 14 days.
  • It also includes many practical videos that helps you to work quickly than that of the other e-books that give you the feeling of boring and tiring in reading the contents fully. It saves your time more and you can invest that time in your practice.
  • This program comes with the 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results within 60 days. So that there is no risk in investing your money in this program. You gain the positive results or get your money back.

Cons of Restore My Vision Today program

As it is a digital product, you can buy this only through online and not in the retail shop. So it is unable for the people who are not having internet. But there is also an advantage in it, which you can start using this product as soon as you have purchased and not have to wait for the product to be delivered because it instantly gets stored in your device after your purchase.

Where to buy Restore My Vision Today guide

To avoid scams, it is intelligent to buy this effective e-book from its official website. Now a booming offer is available for this guide. By purchasing it immediately, you can make use of this discount offer. Now the price of this e-book is only $37 instead of its usual price $97 with the great discount of $60. It also provides you special bonuses on the time of its purchase and all those bonuses are very useful in improving your vision.


The restore my vision today is a program that helps you to get the crystal clear vision totally from the time you wake up and to the time you go to bed. The instruction videos make the learning process much easier. This program requires your hard work and dedication for showing the improvement and the final result. Totally, it is a very good program that clears your eye problems fully without any side effects and painful medications and surgeries. After following this guide book, you can have the crystal clear 20/20 vision forever and free of headaches and blurry visions. It is a friendly program as it is very simple to understand and follow in your daily life. It is extremely a good option to restore your clear and perfect vision without trying any painful ways. The result will be based according to the workout schedule you are following.